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Colorflow is a Oslo based graphic bussines and is ready for every reklame and foiling job you can imagine. from full vehicle wraps to branding of business, shops, bars and work vans. 

even for your logos on your work clothing colorflow is ready to serve.


For hiring as freelancer or jobs as a private customer are all welcome.

Colorflow.Oslo makes designs for cars, offices, bars and complete company housestyles.

we can search for all materials you can imagine and hang & mount everything you wish for.

check my portfolio or leave a comment or ask for a price by the form on the website or mail directly to

follow my work an experiances on @Colorflow.Oslo on Facebook & Instagram

- Licensed Wrap installer Druma (NL)
- Bronze Licensed GSWF PPF Installer
- Licensed for personal lifts
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Opening Hours:


MON-FRI: 09:00 - 16:00

​SAT-SUN: only when booked

+47 912 62 990
Rudssletta 86B, 1351 Rud

About Colorflow


Colorflow is runned by me, Bart Hellings.

I came from the Netherlands to Oslo in 2018.

Back home I have been working for different reclame & graphic bussinisses.

Back than, i worked and designed with print & press, designed housestyles for complete bussinisses and have been Printing for morotcross shirts & stickersets. 

Also did lots of work for a repainter of bike frames and have been working with flag and skillt print companys.

In total been moving for (8+ years) around in all kind of graphic bussineses from selling on exhebitions to designing, printing and lots of wrapping. I have seen and worked on all kinds of jobs you can imagine. And have good knowledge of the brands an materials to use for the perfect result.

Now since November 2020, I have started Colorflow.Oslo. Here I want to try to combine all my skills and knowledge and make it a complete company. At the moment i work mostly freelance and some private customers

I enjoy a lot what I am doing and I am always looking for a new challange.



​- Complete Vehicle wraps

- Chrome Delete

- Boat Wraps/Striping

- Window Tints

- Design & Production

- Color Prints

- Truck & Hanger designs

- Wrap Removals

- Logo & Design

- Frost glass window films

- Reflective foils for safety options

- Wall stickers (full poster)

- Intirior housestyle design

- Color change on big opjects (kitchens, fridges, tables, møbler.etc)

- Covid-19 Restriction signs

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